Y.Event API

yevent.target: Y.AbstractType The shared type that this event was created on. This event describes the changes on target.

yevent.currentTarget: Y.AbstractType The current target of the event as the event traverses through the (deep)observer callbacks. It refers to the type on which the event handler (observe/observeDeep) has been attached. Similar to Event.currentTarget.

yevent.transaction: Y.Transaction The transaction in which this event was created on.

yevent.path: Array<String|number> Computes the path from the Y.Doc to the changed type. You can traverse to the changed type by calling ydoc.get(path[0]).get(path[1]).get(path[2]).get( ...

yevent.changes.delta: Delta Computes the changes in the array-delta format. See more in the Delta Format section. The text delta is only available on Y.TextEvent (ytextEvent.delta)

yevent.changes.keys: Map<string, { action: 'add' | 'update' | 'delete', oldValue: any }> Computes changes on the attributes / key-value map of a shared type. In Y.Map it is used to represent changed keys. In Y.Xml it is used to describe changes on the XML-attributes.

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